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Threats to you:
Fonts. CDNs. JS Frameworks. Github. Cloudflare. Clipboards. Password savers. Clouds.
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Open source is not always open source. Github is owned by Microsoft. NPM is owned by Github. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) that serve up "free" javascript libraries are operated by companies like Akamai (a Fortune 500 company).Most clipboards (Windows and IOS) store in plain text. Passwords "remembered" by your browser are often stored elsewhere without your knowledge. Many apps and extensions read your clipboard without your knowledge. IOS "universal" clipboard data is often stored on iCloud. Cloud servers often have at-rest encryption not accessible to the owner of the data. Lasspass, used to store passwords is owned by a US company, LogMeIn Inc. Invisible tracking pixels loaded up on a webpage without your knowledge let other actors know what you are doing and where you have been. Many crypto wallets use logging analytics (MetaMask). Many crypto "wallets" are unsafe (Medium article on Metamask). Cloudflare is a listed US company. Privacy laws challenge jurisdictional storage. CTOs have a tough job these days; they are only human after all. Loktd is a way of keeping secrets to yourself and reducing the risk of theft and misappropriation.